Monday, March 10, 2014

Where did February go? March 3 2014

Sent: Monday, March 3, 2014 4:44 PM
Subject: Where did February go?

Hello everyone!!
I can't believe you guys got snow and it's 19 degrees back home. That's insane! It's like 77 degrees here. I'm glad y'all had a good week. The wildcat looks AWESOME on the gym wall. You did a great job! Sounds like Logan and Tanner had too much fun at the Noch. Haha Is Brother Merkley new? Good to hear that the progressive dinner went well. Tell Jared I say hi. Haha I don't even remember what we had at my grad party. It sounds like you and Logan had a great birthday. Happy Birthday to you both! I can't believe that Logan is 17! What is Sister Ashbaker's friend's name? (first and last) Oh also when are you going on your Alaskan cruise? One of the elders parents are doing that too and we wanted to see if you might possibly be on the same one. I am so jealous that you got brisket and twice baked potatoes. I haven't had brisket once yet and the time I've had the potatoes just weren't the same as yours and Nana's.
So this week was AWESOME!! I absolutely love serving with Elder Albright! He is so much fun! We've been able to get a lot of work done this week. It's going to be a great transfer. Monday after Albright got here we settled down and had a few lessons with members and the McDs. Tuesday we had dinner with Brother M (ward mission leader) and took the chance to help the three new elders in the ward get an idea of who we are already working with. Then we met with a newly moved in young couple named the Vs family. He is from downtown New York and she is Brazilian. They are such a cool couple. He reminds me a ton of Luke. They look and talk the same. It's crazy. Wednesday we had an awesome day. A new moved in family had us over for lunch and we had a lesson with D and Z, A, and picked up a new 19 year old investigator named L! He is a Senior in high school right now and was referred to us by the sister missionaries. I'll let you know more as we continue to meet with him. Thursday we had a great lesson with Sister Goodwin (Relief Society President) and her daughter's 19 year old friend L. The Spirit was so strong and the lesson went so smoothly. I couldn't have asked for a better lesson. He agreed to read more and pray and when he finds out the truth of what we say he committed to be baptized! It's amazing how the work is truly hastening. I love it! Friday wasn't too eventful. Then Saturday we had another lesson with D and Z. Z is doing great. He has the desire. His only problem is he is scared and feels uncomfortable coming to church. So that is the concern that we are trying to resolve with him during the next few weeks. Sunday topped off the week. We had 6 lessons and had a great testimony meeting at church. The only thing that we have to work on is getting investigators to come to church. That's really our focus right now. I'm so excited for this transfer. There is so much work for us to do here. I absolutely love it!
Oh also! This week it rained super hard Thursday through Saturday. It was insane how much rain came. It was so much that just during Friday it rained more than it has in the past two years in southern Cali. It was crazy. I felt bad for the elders and sisters on bike. But at the same time I was SO happy I got the drive around in the dry heated car. It's been a super busy, crazy, and awesome week. I can't wait for this week.
I hope you all have a great week and stay warm. Be safe and look for opportunities to serve and share the Gospel. I love you all and you are always in my prayers. I love you.
Elder Bushman

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