Monday, March 10, 2014

It's February! Feb 3 2014

Sent: Monday, February 3, 2014 5:38 PM
Subject: It's February!

Hello Everyone!!
I'm so jealous of your cold weather! It's been in the 70's out here. It does not feel like winter. You'll have to tell me more about your carrot experiments. Those are some big carrots! The Family Missionary Plan looks great! I'm glad that you guys got it done and put together. I know that you will see results as you stay obedient and diligent to your plan. So E didn't get baptized. He actually disappeared to Arizona and we don't think he is coming back. It was a big bummer. But we still have some people that are starting to progress and I can see the work is starting to move faster here in our area. That's so cool that Sabrina's sister is taking the lessons!! I didn't do the haircut yet. I'm a little nervous to, but today might...might be the day I do. We'll see. We are usually in bed and asleep around 11. Every now and then we get a really good topic going and we talk a little longer. I'm more like dad. Once I am in bed I'm usually out pretty fast. That's awesome that Logan got a 1 and Tanner got a 2 for Solo's!! Congrats guys! That's so cool. Good work. Dad is right about needing improvement and accountability for practice. I could have used some of it.
Well this week was pretty good. Not a whole lot crazy happened, but we were able to meet a bunch of new members and such and set up some promising future appointments. Last Monday night we had a lesson with the McD which was great. We had a little District meeting Tuesday since the AP's were here that day. Wednesday we went to have a lesson with A, but she was with her step mom in Arizona for the Temple open house so we taught her two sisters, L (20) and M (17), instead. It was a pretty good lesson and I think now that they know us a little better and realize we are normal people they might be more likely to listen to the Gospel. Before they said that they thought most missionaries were like 25 and super uptight. So keep them in your prayers along with A. I really think that they have some great potential. L is already a member but hasn't been to church in forever. Thursday was a pretty good day also. We had a lesson with D and two street lessons in the shopping center parking lot. Friday was our monthly zone meeting which lasted a long time. W e got another lesson with the McD. Saturday we got to teach J again. We taught him most of the commandments which is Lesson 4 and he literally agreed to live them all with no question! He is so ready to be baptized! But.... the only problem is that he wants to wait until May 23 to be baptized. AHHH Agency sucks sometimes. We tried to help him understand that waiting wont help and it will give Satan more time to reach for him. The thing is that he wants to I guess surprise his member girlfriend with his baptism when she comes down from Utah that day to visit him. I'm not sure what we will do with him between now and then. All we can do is keep him in our prayers and work with him until he is ready. Sunday was a pretty good day. After church, which is at 1pm, we just went to visit some of the members that I still haven't met. This was my first real normal Sunday to be here since last week was Ward conference and the week before was Stake Conference. So I'm still getting to know everyone out here. I'm making it my goal to build a relationship with everyone in the ward like we did in Lake Elsinore. D and J were at church and both really enjoyed it. D is going to really start getting back into church and i can see it's going to be a huge impact on here family. We got to give two people blessings that day as well which was super cool.
Well that's my week. There's a couple other things that will have to wait until next week due to time I have left on the computer. I hope you have a great week. I can't wait to hear from you again! Stay safe and work on the missionary plan. I love you!
Elder Bushman

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