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It's March! March 10, 2014

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Subject: It's March!

--I finally have been able to access and update Kendell's Blog - If you missed previous letters, they should all be here now.--  He actually sent pictures this week as well.  

Hello Everyone!!!
I can't believe it's already March! Well since I haven't gotten your email yet [he got it before he was even done with this! - there is quite the delay between sending and receiving!]  I will just tell you about my week and then hopefully I'll have gotten your email. It has been a pretty good week. We started off super slow however and at first it looked like it wasn't going to be a very successful week. Monday after I finished emailing we went shopping and we are pretty sure that the RV in the Wal Mart parking lot is what was left of a meth lab due to the entire front being blown up and it was all spread out around it. So yeah we saw the remains of a blown up meth lab!! It was awesome! I'm just a little sad that I didn't have my camera to take a picture of it though. Oh well. That was the exciting part of the beginning of the week.

Tuesday we had our district meeting which went well. That night we had an awesome Turkey dinner with a family in the ward. Wednesday was pretty slow but our dinner appointment cancelled on us so instead they gave us 40 bucks! We're saving it for a really good meal sometime soon. Thursday we had another lesson with L at Sister G's house that went really well. He is such a good kid. He already takes care of his body so he had no problem accepting to live the word of wisdom and the same for law of chastity. I'm so excited to see him continue progressing.

Friday was the day that most our work went on. We actually were on exchanges so I was in the other half of Prado View with Elder Prieto while Elder Reed went with Elder Albright in our area and we all did work. We got a total of 12 lessons that day between us all! It was awesome! Saturday we  did some service for a new move in for the Citrus Hills ward (the other elders that live in the apartment here in Corona). We painted a room for them from an ugly yellow to white for a nice office. It went well (besides the fact that I may or may not have accidentally kicked the paint can over as I turned around :/ ) Oops. Oh well. Thankfully the little that got to the carpet past the tarps we put up was pretty easy to get out so there isn't any permanent marks. We had dinner with Bishop which was good. Sunday was a rough ending to our week. None of our investigators showed up to church and we thought we were going to have at least 3. It was just a little disappointing. But we had a great dinner with the McD's and I'm super excited for upcoming week. Today has already been a pretty good day. We woke up at 5:30 this morning and met up with a member in the area and he took us up a bike trail called Skyline. The views of the area were beautiful. We were able to see essentially our entire mission, Anehiem, Riverside, LA, New Port Beach, and everything in between! It was great! The best part was we got to see the ocean!!! It was super cool! The bike ride up the mountain trail took us 2 hours. Whoo it was tough. The whole thing was uphill. It was HARD. One of the Elders actually threw up and there was a lot of it that we ended up having to walk up due to how steep it was. But that just made the ride back down SOOO much more enjoyable and fun. The entire thing was downhill and we had a blast!! There were only two biffs. One elder biffed pretty hard core at the top coming down and has some awesome nasty scratches. The other was...well yeah it was me. But mine was definitely  a lot more graceful. My tire got stuck on a little ridge in the dirt and I flew (superman style over the top of my handle bars leaving my bike in the dust. I wish I had had a Go Pro camera. It was awesome! What made it better was I landed on my feet with one hand on the ground in a pile of soft dirt and sand. It was pretty graceful if I say so myself.
So yeah that was my week. I past out as soon as we got back home from our ride for a good 2 hours and after we are done emailing I think we are going to shop, eat, workout, and start our work week again. It's going to be great! I am stoked! I hope you guys have had a great week. I love you. Have a great week and stay safe. I can't wait to hear from you again.
Love from Corona California,
Elder Blaine Kendell Bushman

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