Monday, July 7, 2014

It's July!

Sent: Monday, June 30, 2014 6:05 PM
Subject: It's July!

Hey everyone!!!

I saw the picture of you all trekking! You look great and I am excited for you all to have a great time with nana and papa! I'm glad that you have enjoyed the trip so much so far that you want to take me when I am home! I guess I can let go of my jealousy now. ;) It sounds like you are having such an awesome time out there! I'm glad that you are all staying safe and that the rain hasn't bothered your trip too much and that your only real problem has been just that one traffic incident to the caves. That's pretty good luck! That's so cool that Nana and Papa have been able to give you the special treatment and give you the chance to see, experience, and even sleep in so many of those amazing places. I know that that will strengthen all of your testimonies. I just finished reading Our heritage last week and it was all about the pioneers and what you are experiencing right now so I kind of got to be a part of the trip with you as well. oh and Elder Carbonneau says hi! It's amazing what the early Saints did in order to get the church to the place it is right now. The Lord truly did watch over them and help them through all things.

Well this week was a super good week. We worked super hard! Last week we completely dissected our ward list and split up our area map with different color coordinated sections to be as organized as possible and are focusing on seeing every possible part member family on our list. We started out with about 90 names to see and have been able to knock off about 20 of those already within this past week. We were able to find a part member family with one non member daughter and a full non member family of about 10 who have a lot of potential to be baptized this month! This week is what will tell us if they are the ones we need to focus on this month as we meet with them again and see what their desires are. 

During our visits we have run into bashing members and bashing relatives of members, less actives that just don't really want anything to do with the Gospel but are totally okay with us coming by to talk, less actives who randomly walk up to us in the Walmart parking lot and schedule an appointment so we can help her get back into church, and mother's of less active children who saw us coming by as an answer to prayers to help her son come back to the faith. It's been a crazy, hard work full week with a lot of experiences that don't normally happen out here. It was a great week. Although we didn't find necessarily  a solid person to teach yet, I just feel great as I know I have worked my hardest this past week. My studies have also gotten a ton better already and I should finish the Doctrine and Covenants by Sunday. Then onto the Bible. I'm excited! I can really tell that this is going to be a great month, transfer, and year. I decided last night as Elder Carbonneau and I talked about ways to focus on the mission and be in our prime for the duration of our missions, that this area is the one that I am going to grow the most...In all aspects. President Smart leaves the mission today. This Saturday President Mullen is coming to our zone to introduce himself and meet all of us. I'm excited to begin working with him. It's going to be a great year! Can you believe I hit my year mark in like 2 weeks?!! That's so crazy!

Well I gotta go now. But I hope you have a great and safe time trekking and that the weather likes you. Tell everyone there hi and that I miss and love you all! I can't wait to hear from you next week and see the pictures from the trip! Pay attention to the Spirit and the things you learn and see and experience there. There's a lot that the Lord can show you if you just stop and listen. 

I love you!
Elder Bushman

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