Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Beginning of 6th Week

Sent: Monday, September 2, 2013 5:20 PM
Subject: Re: First week of School & Labor Day!

Hello Everyone!!
I'm glad to hear you all had a good time on the family trip. I'm super jealous since I haven't been there before. Glad to hear Logan is improving personally on his running. I'm glad you told me to sit down and don't pass out when you told me about you cutting your finger cuz that was bad. I hope you get the feeling back in your finger. Can you move it? I'm glad you are enjoying teaching seminary. The more I hear about it the more I wish I had been in a class with you as my teacher. I'm glad school is going well. haha it's funny that Logan's only problem is Mrs. Truitt. It's okay. I didn't like her at all either. One of my least favorite teachers. I don't know if you already bought books for English for him but I have Oedipus Rex and How to Read Literature like a professor somewhere at home. I had to read those for my english classes. I can't wait to get the flashdrive with music and pictures! The lake is Lake Elsinore. It was so hard not to jump in or get on a boat. I miss that so much. I don't remember an Elder Trujillo but I'll ask around and see if he is here. If he is that would be so cool. It's amazing to see the ties people here have with us back home. Oh! I need to know when and where papa and nana were born and where they lived while in Arizona. There are a couple people that lived in Winslow and the area around it in the 70's and 80's and I couldn't remember when they were there. And what they did for work.

Well this week wasn't too crazy like my first couple weeks were. WOW I can't believe this is the beginning of my 6th week in the field and my last for this transfer already. Time is going by so fast! Monday we taught a member family the first lesson on the Restoration so that we could practice teaching it as a companionship. Since we haven't had investigators this was my first time to really teach the Restoration with my companion really, completely through in five weeks. That is crazy. A family took us out to dinner to a Mexican place that wasn't really good. It made me miss Rosas soooooo much. Tuesday was our district meeting. Wednesday was the most interesting day of the week. I went on exchanges with Elder Elliot from the Lake Elsinore Ward. To set this up so you understand what the day was like he made his own foam swords and practices fencing and made a chain link tie and can't wait to go home to put all of his armor on and walk around town. He's a little bit on the nerdy side. We had a great lesson that morning but throughout the day we just weren't really connecting. I taught most of the time because some of the things he was saying were a little questionable and he didn't like the way I did things or obeyed the rules so he just kept to himself. Well that night as we went to pick up our bikes from the church to ride home and get back our real companions we found that someone had taken our bike seats. We automatically knew it was our two companions because my companion and I had done that to Elder Elliot and his companion Elder Bangerter the week before. We couldn't find the seats anywhere in the bushes so we called my companion and found out that they were waiting for us at our home with our seats! I thought it was a hilarious prank but Elder Elliot was ticked. Which of coarse was the point of the prank which made it even better. So we ended up having to ride our bikes back home up a hill for two miles without a seat so we stodd the whole time. Everyone in the zone has been laughing about it since. Thursday We had dinner and a lesson with Brian and Louretta. They are doing great and happier than ever. It's amazing to see the changes that they have made in their lives over just the past two weeks. We have basically dropped their friends Thomas, Shannon, and Juni because they are so messed up with drugs their mental capacity is just not there which is really sad for us but there really isn't much we can do for there. Brian and Louretta are amazing. They are feeding us three times a month and have already signed up to go out with the missionaries in the next week and are doing a ton of their own missionary work with basically everyone they talk to. Louretta met a woman at her kids school the other day that needs a lot of family help and set up an appointment with her and the missionaries in the other ward and when they met with her they committed her to baptism! All from a recent convert of like two weeks! It's amazing! Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Albright (our zone leader). He is an awesome, loving, fun guy. We had an awesome day and got a ton done. We saw a lot of people and got a lot of information on even more less active members so we can help them as well and we got two potential investigators for this week!! It was a blast. Saturday we had a lesson with a part member family at our Bishops house as well as dinner there. It went really well and was our second time teaching the Restoration. Randi and Ashley (the mom and daughter that aren't members) both know it's true. Ashley just needs to be asked to be baptized and Randi, the mom, has to get past her pride and her past of always being taught that mormons are bad and wrong and then she will be baptized. We are super excited and I know they are almost ready for that step. The ward has been working with them for over four years. When they started, their home teachers weren't allowed, along with the Book of Mormon, to even be in the home because Randi was so against it. But gradually it's gotten to the point where they are talking with us, the missionaries and we are super stoked! That night we had pie night with Bill again. It's just as amazing and fun as ever. I love pie night. Sunday at church, an investigator, Margarite, that we dropped a couple weeks ago showed up right after the sacrament which was awesome and then came to dinner with us at the Strong's and we had an awesome lesson with them. So she is now an investigator and reading the Book of Mormon again! Today is Pday and we are having a blast with the zone as usual. We have dinner at the Grossman's which should be great! Tonight we are teaching the Decoque's Lesson 2, The Plan of Salvation. I can't wait to hear what happens Saturday because that's when we find out who is getting transferred and where and who else is coming into the zone. It's so exciting! I love it!

Oh so I don't know if I said this at the beginning of the mission but my ward is a brand new ward. They just split it before I got out here. And now they are splitting the stake this weekend so there are some big changes coming up. I'll let you know if anything crazy happens. Also, this week has been soooooo hot and humid. I've been getting hardly any sleep and waking up in sweat when I do because our home has no AC. It's been awful. And since there has been a lot of cloud cover, we lost electricity at least five times this week and water once. So we borrowed a hammock and a cot from the Grossman's and are sleeping on the balcony outside our room now which was so much better last night. I love it not.

Well I hope you guys have a blast at the triatholon. I'm jealous. I wish I was able to be there. Although last time didn't turn out too well for me. ;) Can't wait to hear from you again! Have a great week. Love you all.

Love from Lake Elsinore, California,
Elder Bushman

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