Monday, September 9, 2013

My First Day of My Second Transfer!!!

Sent: Monday, September 9, 2013 1:36 PM
Subject: My First Day of My Second Transfer!!!
Hello Everyone!

Well it looks like I got on before you did today. I'll see if I can email you maybe a little bit more later but I'll go ahead and let you know how this past week went. It's been a good week. We've had some rain, another couple power outages, no water once, stress and excitement for transfer calls, and some other awesome experiences!

Monday was another great P Day. We had dinner at the Grossman's and played some ping pong with their 17 year old son Jessie. I'm really starting to get a lot better at ping pong. We've been having to stand a couple feet away from the table to play because of how intense it got. Tuesday we did a lot of visiting less actives. Our district meeting was that morning which was really good. We had a lesson with Brian and Louretta again which went well. We actually started up going out with members for lessons throughout the week which is awesome! So Tuesday night Brother Williams, our ward missionary, went with us to Sister Lindsey's home for dinner. It was the most humble meal I have had so far on my mission. Her home is nothing special. From the outside it's just a little run down shack. She is too embarrassed to let us inside so we had dinner around the back. She brought out the plates with a cob of corn on each and then brought out some tortilla chips and salsa from the Bishops warehouse and then the main course of the meal was tacos from Del Taco ( a restaurant very similar to Taco Bell or Taco Villa). They were a little bit soggy from sitting there but we ate them and were super thankful for her willingness to feed us and have us over. She is an amazing lady that is really taking our challenge to share the gospel more to heart. We had a great discussion with her and really enjoyed the night.

Wednesday we went to Riverside for a trainer trainee meeting. I absolutely loved it because I got to see all of my friends and companions from the MTC that came out with me. I loved it. We shared stories and had a great time. It was like a big family reunion. President Smart gave a training on the top ten secrets to missionary work which really helped and so now I'm working to incorporate those into my own work. When we got back we had a lesson with Toni. She is the one that lives with Brian and Louretta. We invited her to baptism and she accepted. Her baptismal date is for September 28. We are super excited for her and so is she. Her background is very similar to Brian and Louretta's so it truly is amazing to see the change she is making in her life. We went out with our Elder's quorum president, brother Ferguson, that night as well. Thursday we met with brother Hill, a less active, who has a crossbow pistol which I have already decided I am getting when I get home. It was so cool! We met with a bunch of in actives the rest of the day. Friday night wasn't anything too crazy until that night when we met with our Bishop. He's been so busy we just haven't had the chance to meet with him much. But we caught him that night and I am so glad we did. We talked for a long time. We let him know what had been going on the past week and asked him for things that we can do to help out in the ward. He is really impressed with us and really really wanted both of us to stay for the next transfer. I also feel a greater love for that man because of that discussion we had. He asked us for advice on what he could do as bishop to really help the ward and the youth. I was so glad to be able to share with him the experiences I have had with my youth leaders and Bishop McCune helping me out so much. He really appreciated that a lot. I was glad I could share those with him. That night we ran out of water right when I used the bathroom so I couldn't flush for at least an hour until we got it pumping again. Throughout the week the power went out every now and then.

Saturday was the day us as missionaries look forward to so much but also want it to be over and done with at the same time. It was transfer calls. Saturday morning was the call for any leadership calls such and district or zone leader or trainer. We did some service that morning with a couple other companionships and every time a phone rang we all jumped and got super nervous. Thankfully I didn't get a call to train this transfer. Hallelujah! I was so nervous for that. Because we have 21 new missionaries coming into the mission tomorrow. During the day we started tracting and it ended up pouring on us as we tracted but as soon as we got in the car to leave for dinner it stopped raining. I loved the rain. It was soooooo refreshing. It felt like Midland weather since it came out of now where and left just like that. The Palmers took us out to In and Out for dinner. They are everywhere here in Cali. The Palmers are actually hosting some Spanish sister missionaries after tonight which is exciting. The rest of the night we went around looking for people and finally when we got home we got the call saying if anyone was leaving the area. I am so glad my companion is staying! I was so worried I might get someone new that I might not like but I'm good! We still have another six weeks together and after this transfer I will be Elder Carbonneau's longest companion for his entire mission! And he hits his year mark in about three weeks! We actually only have one elder leave our entire zone and they realigned the districts. Those are the only changes. We are all so excited because of how well our zone gets along. Well Sunday was good. Nothing too special. There is a lot of missionary work going on and being talked about in our ward and it is so exciting. This transfer is going to be crazy!

Well that is my week. I can't believe my first transfer is already over. Only 17 more transfers and I'll be home. That's crazy. It went by so fast. I love the work here. We are going to be doing a lot of work this month. I can't wait!
I'll email you in a bit about your week. I hope you guys have a great time. Can't wait to hear from you. Don't forget to write. I love you all.
Elder Blaine Kendell Bushman
Sent: Monday, September 9, 2013 1:49 PM
I just saw your email! Elliot is doing good now. The bike is good for me. I wish I could use it a little more cuz I feel like I'm getting a bit bigger in the waist area. I'm glad your finger is getting better. Seminary sounds like it's going good. Just wait. It'll get even better as you get deeper into the scriptures. Reuben will show eventually. Just give him time. A plate of something would be a nice gesture I'm sure he would like and I bet it would help. He just needs to have friends and truly feel loved and then he will feel a pull towards everything. I miss the Dalley's. That's so sad to hear. Tell them Hello and that I wish them the best. And to write me sometime. I loved hearing about the golf carts at dad's work. I can totally see the entire thing in my head. Haha Good luck dad. I know you're the one for the job. You do amazing work with the youth. Buddy teams are going to be fun. I am super jealous. I want to know about all the things that go on in choir. I miss that so much. My voice is going down the drain because I can't practice really on my mission. I can not believe Kenzie is almost old enough to go to the temple. That blows my mind. I'm sad I wont be able to go to be there for that but I know it will be an amazing experience. You don't look older than 25 mom. I hope your week has been good and the following week is even better. I miss you a lot but I know I'm where I am supposed to be. I might get on in a few hours again to check email but until next time... I love you mom. Have a great week.
Your son,
Elder Bushman

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