Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A New Week!

Sent: Monday, September 23, 2013 10:18 AM
Subject: A new week!

Hello everyone!!
It's Pday again and I am so excited for the day off! We need this rebooster for the upcoming week. I am so pumped for this week! So many things are going to happen. Tuesday we are going to be trained by Elder Richards from the 70. Thursday we celebrate Elder Carbonneaus year mark at the Grossman's with a bunch of other favorite families from the ward. And on Sunday Toni is getting baptized by Brian! It's going to be a great week!
Well to start off, we have dropped Tami as an investigator again because she just really isn't ready and wont make commitments. It's sad but she'll come around eventually when it's her time to. Thanks for working on the sheet music. I really just need something new to do and play. So that would be awesome. Sounds like Family Fun night will be a blast. I kind of miss all that stuff. Even helping out setting it all up. I'm glad Mrs. Payne still remembers me. I loved her class so much. When you see Coach Smith tell him hi for me too. I miss Coach Enriquez. We all called him the terrorist cuz he kind of looks like one. He was so much fun to be coached by and I loved being with him in my bball class. I'm really glad that you guys got to go to the temple. I love being there and can't wait to go again. Sounds like Logan is really improving. That's awesome! I would love to get Savanah's letters. I bet Tanner will do great on his video group project and the Minion Birthday party for McKenzie sounds like soooo much fun. Dad youre getting old. haha Don't worry. You still look good for a 25 year old. ;)
So this past week wasn't too exciting. It went pretty slow. We had a bunch of people fall through with appointments and stuff like that but we still had a lot to do. Monday night we went to see Tami and she told us we had to reschedule for Tuesday. Tuesday we got a text from her that she was busy and couldn't meet then. Then she texted Brian and Lauretta and told them that she was just going to do her own thing for now so we decided that when she is ready she will come to us. Tuesday morning we had our District meeting which was really good. We had another lesson with Brian and Lauretta and Toni which went super good. Wednesday I was on exchanges with Elder Young and we had a pretty successful day. We taught a bunch of less actives, met a couple as well, and had a great dinner with the Andersons (ward mission leaders family). ThursdayWe taught Toni again. Taught Brother Hill and found out the bows he is making for us are almost done. He just has to paint them and make the strings for them. Bytheway I don't think I told you but they are made out of PVC pipe. We had dinner with the Bruer's which I loved. That family is so much fun. On Friday we had dinner with the Alvarez's. Saturday wasn't anything big except Pie night. Which was just as good as always. all the time in between all this stuff we were trying to visit people and tract and everything just fell through. So hopefully this week gets better. Sunday we had stake conference and they split the stake! Nothing changed for the missionaries since the zones were already aligned for the split a couple months ago. It will be interesting to see who all from our area gets stake callings now. I feel so at home in this ward. I love it so much.
Oh! I forgot that on Tuesday night we did a service project with all the young men at the Alvarez's home. we cut down all the weeds and brush in their yard. And right after that we went to the church and met a man named Jim and his 7 year old daughter Abigail. She is adorable. And we are going to start teaching them this week also. I'm super excited for that too!
Well that is my week. It was a little slow but I still learned a lot and can't wait to continue the work. It's going really well and I love it so much. I can't wait to hear from you again. Don't forget to write. I miss and love you so much. Keep Brian, Lauretta, and Toni in your prayers.

Love from Lake Elsinore, California,
Elder Bushman

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