Monday, October 7, 2013

Email Policy Change

Hello All!
This is actually Kendell's Mom -
As noted by the Mission Secretary below, the email rules have changed and he can receive and send emails from more than just immediate family!   BUT... please be aware (again as noted below) that he has very limited time on the computer, and while I hope many of you write him, mailed letters are still best.
Thank you for your love and support of Elder Bushman!  I know he feels and appreciates it, and we do too!
Much love,
Elder Bushman's (proud) Mom & Dad
The rules over e-mail have changed and Elder Bushman’s e-mail address can be given to friends and family. I would note that he only is allowed 1 hour to e-mail on Mondays so it is difficult for him to respond to everyone. Just so the people you are giving the e-mail address to are aware of his time restrictions, I would hate for anyone to be disappointed. We have actually found that written letters are much better for our missionaries. This gives them something they can read anytime they need a little boost and that can be at anytime. 
Sister Pierce, Secretary
California Riverside Mission

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