Monday, April 14, 2014

A New Start

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Subject: A New Start

Hey everyone!!
I'm doing great! I hope you are as well. This week was a lot better than last so I am thankful for that. Suprisingly I actually do miss the windy dusty weather. Although I do have the heat right now. I'm glad Tanner and Dad got their cards. . . . Sounds like a good date and I'm impressed he was able to get so much for free. That's the way to do it! Haha That is SO cool that Branson got his call and that he is going to Guatemala! I'm so stoked for him! Can you please get me his mission email? And Taylor's. I want to talk to them to see how things are going. I'm excited for this transfer too! I have a good feeling about this month and in my interview with President this week he said he did too! We already get an Ensign but thanks. They actually give each companionship one every month which is nice to have a change in reading material every now and then.

Well My week wasn't to crazy but it was definitly more productive than last week thank goodness. Most of the week we just tried to drop by most people that we wanted to see so I'll give you the highlights. Tuesday was our District meeting. Wednesday we finally got to see D again although Z wasn't there. She's been working literally all day long and really hasn't had time to meet with us. We are trying to help her look for a new job through the church's work program so we will see how that goes. Please keep her and Z in your prayers. That night we saw A and R again and it is still kind of the same story. Just waiting for her mom to give her permission to be baptized. However, R has started showing somewhat of an inclination to finally come to church. We will see if we can nourish that idea and get him to come soon. I think it will happen soon. Thursday after weekly planning I got a call from the O'brien's (the music people in our ward) and she asked if I would sing in sacrament this Sunday. I said yes as long as someone could get a piano player for me and they did. So right before church on Sunday I practiced with brother O'brien and sang for sacrament yesterday "I Stand All Amazed". It went fairly well for the time we had to practice. I bobbled a few times but overall was pretty good.
Friday our Zone had interviews with President Smart which went well. It was kind of a sad moment though because that was our last interview with him since he is going home in June. I love the Smart's. They are the most amazing people I have ever met. They are so incredible and loving it's amazing. So Saturday was the best day of the week I think. We started off the morning helping a member move and the best part of the day was at 5pm. That is when the Elder's, that we share the ward with, got their investigators D and C married! It was SO cool! Bishop married them in the Relief Society room at the church. I'll have to tell you their story sometime. It's amazing. Similar to B and Ls. Who, by the way are now in Mississippi and went through Midland on their way to get there! On Sunday D was baptized and at the baptism Elder Albright and I gave a 5 minute Restoration lesson while D was getting dried off and dressed. It was a way cool baptism and President Smart even came! I am so excited for them! Oh! and before the baptism we had two dinners and the first one was a huge Poly party and there was a TON of food. I wouldn't have been suprised if it really was literally a ton. As we left they gave us a huge tray of food! It was amazing! So much for my diet right? Hahaha 

The past week the McDs have been gone to Idaho for their sons graduation from BYU-I so we've had the house to ourselves. So naturally we built a fort in our room and have been sleeping in our fort for the past few nights! Be Jealous! I also mowed their backyard this morning with the most old school mower you can think of. It took forever. I'll send a picture when I get one. Other than that I'm just enjoying my PDay today and can't wait for the new week. I hope you have a great week and get a lot done. Have fun! I love y'all!

Elder Kendell Bushman

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