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Aug 8th August Here We Come!

Sent: Monday, September 8, 2014 5:09 PM
Subject: August Here We Come!

Hello Midland!!!

 It sounds like you guys have had a great first week back to school and I'm impressed with all the literal running around you have all been doing. I'd better start or I'll never catch up! ;) Congrats to Kenzie, Tanner, and Logan. Did Logan and Tanner run in the same race? There is no way that this is your 6th annual Fall Party! Holy Moly you started that forever ago! Haha That's awesome! I'm glad that the camaro is finally starting to get a little attention. That's going to be a fun project and I hope Tanner gets to work and helps Dad out. Way to go Chan the Man on scoring the teams goal! Keep up the hard work dude! There are so many new babies! What does that make the total come out to on both sides? I'm sure Papa is beside himself knowing that there are so many new grandchildren! Haha Soon he'll be like Abraham with his posterity being numbered as the stars in the heavens! I don't know what I would prefer right now on the Cali trip right now. There are definite pros and cons to either way we do it. So I'll stick on the back burner and let it sit for a while and let you know sometime. Can you believe that it's only next summer and then I'm home? That is the weirdest thought I've ever had. Keep up the good work! I miss and love you all so much!
Well this week was super good. We were able to get a lot done and found some promising new investigators! Monday morning we went to the Hardman and Burk's neighborhood Labor Day breakfast and met some of their neighbors who might be interested in the Gospel. That night we went over to Mama Munton's and had a really good talk with her and got to give her a blessing. It was super spiritual and I know without a doubt that the words that came out of my mouth weren't mine but the Lord's. The power of the Priesthood is real and I love it! Tuesday we had a lesson in the morning with A_ and continued going through 1 Nephi with her. The rest of the day we tried to contact all of our referrals and potential investigators. That's about the only thing we did this week. So it was about the same kind of work as last week, accept this week we made some good head way and found some good success as well. Wednesday we went by J_'s house and had an amazing lesson with him and put him on date again to be baptized at the end of the month. I had a really good feeling about him. When I was with Elder Tui'one we found J_ and after a lot of him flaking out we decided to move on. So this was his second chance for me. During the day we were able to clear out a lot of our lists of people to see and at one point we stopped by a potential named E__ who told us she had come to church last week and we didn't even know! Well before we could jump on that opportunity she told us she would be at church the next week as well! We are starting to teach her this week and hope to put her on date to be baptized for the end of this month as well! Thursday we taught Julio again and he promised that he would be at church so we had high hopes for him. After that we weekly planned and went back to contacting potentials. We came by one lady named C__. We had come to see someone named D_ and when we knocked on the door C_ answered and said that she was D__'s cousin and was watching her kids for her while she was gone for a while. As we talked she told us that she wants us to come and teach her and pray for her and so we set up an appointment to come back the next day. I love how the Lord uses others to lead us to those that he has prepared to hear to message of the Gospel! 

 Friday we had our Zone Meeting which was really really good. It helped a lot and I think our zone is going to do great this month. Especially since 6 out of the 20 missionaries in the zone are going home on the 23rd and they all want to baptize at least one more time before they go home. One of the sets of sisters in my district had 8 people come to church and they picked them all up this week and put them all on date to be baptized! There is a lot of work going on here right now and I love it! We picked up two more potentials Friday afternoon. D__ and later V__ and her family. We are skeptical of D__'s intentions on meeting with us (he might be wanting to just bash with us) but V__ and her family seems very sincere and interested and expressed their desire to find a church now that they are settled down here in Perris! We saw C__ that night but had to move the actual lesson to Sunday. Saturday we finished 1 nephi with A__ did some service moving a shed for a part member family and then had the slowest day of the week. Sunday we had 4 people come to church. At first it seemed like we had no one. But halfway through Bro L__ told us that I__ had come, and at the end Sister Hardman told us that one of the ladies we talked to at the breakfast last Monday morning had come too! And then E__ surprised us and came up to us and told us she had come and then introduced to her mom whom she had brought along also!!! What a great surprise! Well after church we still needed to get 6 more member present lessons to get standard since we had had 4 at church and were going to reach our 20 lessons for the week. So we grabbed Z__and went to everyone we could think of and ended up having 7 lessons with him that night! We barely did it but it was a great way to end the night and week! Sadly J__ did not come to church and I have a feeling that he is just as flaky as he used to be. So if he doesn't come to church this next Sunday we will probably have to drop him again if he wont keep his commitments. I really hope he comes though. We will see what happens. 

Well that was my week! Hopefully this next week we will have some bomb lessons that I can tell you about next Monday. I'm super excited! Oh and I found out last night that A__ (from my last area in Corona in the Prado View ward) can finally get baptized! So I'm gonna get to go back for her baptism this month as long as everything goes well!!! It's going to be a great month!

 Well I gotta go. I hope you have a great week and things start to calm down and you can get back into the swing of things. Please keep the people we are teaching in your prayers. And even the ones we haven't found yet. And don't forget to do your own missionary work at home! I can't wait to hear from you again! Talk to you soon! Love you all!


Elder Kendell Bushman

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