Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week 5 is Here Already!

Sent: Monday, May 5, 2014 6:49 PM
Subject: Week 5 is Here Already!

Hello Everyone!!
I hope you are all enjoying yourselves and have had a great week! We had a good week out here in Corona. Some good and bad. Sounds like you had a blast over the weekend. You've been using the 4wheelers a lot lately. That's good. I hope they are still around when I get back. Congrats Chanler on scoring a cool goal! That's awesome! And just so you know, Elder Albright is doing much better and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong.

Monday was good. We had a great lesson with C that night at the church and put him on date for the 18th of May! He is a super solid kid. I'm so glad we have him to teach and get to know. Sadly it's the end of the year and his schedule has been getting crazy so we weren't able to meet with him anymore last week, but this week we should be able to. Tuesday was nothing special. No District meeting since we had a Zone Meeting on Friday. Wednesday was a pretty good day. I was in my area on exchanges with Elder Reed. The morning was pretty slow as most usually are but around 4 things started picking up a lot. We picked up two potential investigators from trying to see Part Member Families on our ward list which is exciting. Both seem to have some good interest. That night we went on splits with the elder's quorum and I went with Bishop to a lesson with A which went well. And I got to introduce Bishop to B that night which was  good. So all this week Elder Albright has been trying to decide when he should get surgery for his torn meniscus in both his knees and what that means for him and his mission. This week we found out that he is either going to have to stick it out and push through the pain for the last 3 months that he has left on his mission, or go home early so that he can get the surgery back home. The pain is pretty bad, but the last thing that he wants is to go home, so after an interview with President Smart, Albright came home and Thursday morning after morning prayers, he told me that he somehow had the distinct impression and overwhelming peace that he needed to go home early. I wish he didn't have to but I know that it will be better for him in the long run. Friday was our Zone Meeting during which we basically role played the entire time for all our investigators. I really don't like role plays but it was super effective and we all learned a lot and had inspiration for our future lessons with those that we are teaching. Oh so Thursday and Friday night we took W out with us to OYM in the Walmart parking lot. The first night W was following me around to see what it is like and we got into two bashes. The first was a normal bash and didn't turn into anything productive. The second bash though made me feel like Alma and Ammon when they say that they mourn for those that are in unbelief and wish they could soften their hearts. W and I left that lady with a painful sorrow. This lady apparently lives next to an LDS family in the stake. She told us that any time that her kids are sick or hurt she takes them next door and asks this family to give her kids a blessing because she "knows it will always heal them" Also she told us she believes that the Book of Mormon contains the word of God and that she knows Joseph Smith was a prophet. She loves the church's organization and focus on the family. I asked her why she wasn't a member and she told me that "It really just doesn't matter what church we go to" I couldn't believe that with her experiences and apparent beliefs that she didn't think it mattered at all. Then she prayed for us and we left. I went home truly having the desire to help every soul out here come to know the truth of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I don't want to ever forget the feeling that woman gave me. I felt sorry for her and sorry that she (as my sister) didn't want to know the truth. It killed me. I'm waging a war with Satan and I know that I am on the winning team. The Lord's. "Nothing will stop the work from progressing."
I'm running out of time so I'm make the rest of the week short.Saturday morning we helped a member move a 500 lb avacado tree into his backyard, and then Albright met with a bishop from around here that went through a similar experience. Sunday was good. We had three investigators at church. Including B  and A. Sunday night Albright got to call and talk to his parents about everything and now has two choices of when to go home. The end of this transfer or the end of next. I'll update you next week what his decision is.
So there you go. It was a pretty good week. And I am looking forward to this week especially because on Tuesday we get to go to the temple again and Sunday is Mother's Day and you know what that means! I can't wait to see and talk to you again! I hope you guys have a great week and stay safe. I love you all.
Elder Bushman

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